Ep 12 – Libido, motherhood and tending our own fires with Lauren White

Lauren  White Unbreakable
{Unbreakable: Episode 12}
Lauren White


Libido, motherhood and tending our own fires

“My libidinous energy is fed when I am connecting with women, my partner
writing or doing something delicious. (I am) Giving myself permission to own that this is how my libido works”

Lauren White gives us permission. Permission to tend to the things that we love in the trust that the energy flows into every part of our life…….She says that it is one and the same as our sexuality and that lagging libido is not just about the bedroom. Lauren also gives us permission to change and be fluid. Let’s face it, this is what it is to be feminine.

This interview felt like a huge relief to me. Yes!! Thank you. I do not need to feel bad about these things. They are the essence of being female and point us to the sparks for change that we need to be in the world.

Lauren also shares:
+ The libido crash and crazy hormones that made 2016 her bathroom floor year
+ Mother guilt – as she asks herself “Why aren’t I like those other mums just wanting to just spend time with my kids?”
+ How keeping her sexual flame alive is not a job segregated off into the bedroom
+ The best sex advice you could ever get – and her reason for not actually giving sex tips
+ How connecting with women is where she finds her inspiration, guidance and her reason for being
+ How marriage is changing and thankfully becoming less restrained and inflexible
+ And finally why speaking up is her biggest evolutionary challenge at the moment, and why it is so important for women

Enjoy xx

Listen in:

Resources mentioned:

Mating in Captivity – Esther Perel www.estherperel.com

More about Lauren:

I’m a qualified Sexologist and creatress of Sexosophy : a space for women to feel safe in the discovery of their optimal sexual pleasure and wellbeing through private sessions and group programs. It’s my purpose to be the listener of secrets and the starter of conversations about female sexuality because women want to crack open, dissolve their limiting blocks, say YES because they mean it and leave behind the mentality of I’m just not a sexual person. There is no greater joy than witnessing women source their libido for sex and life because being dynamic and loving is when we stand in our authentic power.

Where to find her:

Website:  www.laurenwhite.com.au
Facebook:  @laurenwhitecoach
Instagram:  @sexosophy
Twitter:  @sexosophy

Words of wisdom:

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  1. Lara on February 21, 2017 at 7:32 pm

    Wow Nicole, this interview was freakin AMAZING! I related to sooo much of what Lauren had to share. As a mama of two beautiful boys, I have felt so torn between wanting to be there 100% for my children, and desperately wanting to create my soul work (even within weeks of giving birth to my second).
    Every time I’ve taken time out for my work, I’ve felt guilty (which is slowly killing that fire in my belly). I had no idea other women felt the way I do. I’m going toss all those old beliefs about what a good mama should look like, and give myself some freakin permission to create, god damn it!

    • Nicole on February 28, 2017 at 1:16 pm

      Oh beautiful Lara, Yes!! How wonderful. I feel that Lauren gives us this gift of permission. How much hell do we give ourselves for not having the drive and motivation to match our ideals of the perfect mum? Putting pressure on ourselves that does nothing but add to the resentment. Imagine the mother you are, when you are fired up and passionate. What an incredible gift to your 2 boys. Thank you so much for reaching out.

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