Ep 11 – Trusting the leap of faith

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{Unbreakable: Episode 11}
Kimberley Kevan


Trusting the leap of faith

In early 2016, Kimberley Kevan and her family were in the throes of a potential financial crisis. They were at a point where a miracle was needed to find the faith in the choice they had made; the choice that felt right. In this episode Kimmy and I talk about how she found the capacity to stay in her heart and trust her knowing that everything was going to be okay despite what her reality was indicating. Again and again, this chat comes back to our own power to create an abundant life by trusting our feelings and getting beyond the limitations of the tangible.

Kimmy also shares with us:
+ The transformational support available from loved ones who have passed on
+ The gift in having your back up against the wall and nothing to lose – for her in the form of a massive health crisis
+ How she was able to drop in to her head, get what she needed but not stay there
+ Her belief that feeling is the key to a sensual life
+ The 30% rule that keeps Kimmy nourished as a busy mum, wife and health practitioner
+ And did I mention gratitude..…it comes up a lot.
This is a truly feel good episode that got even juicier after we the interview was over – so stay tuned half way through for the added insert where Kimmy and I are having a real heart to heart.

Listen in:



More about Kimberley:


Kimberley has a background in Occupational Therapy, which profoundly influences her role as a clinical leader and coach for health professionals. She has a practical, attuned and sincere approach to empowering health professionals to be at their best so they can excel. Kimberley describes herself as a heart-centred rebel and challenges the status quo that health professionals are stretched thin and self-neglecting.

She lives with her husband (also an Occupational Therapist) and two little boys by the beach in Adelaide. The three of them are the loves of her life, her most passionate supporters and her most valued spiritual teachers.

Where to find her:

Website: www.occupyot.com.au
Facebook: occupyot
Linkedin: Kimberley Kevan

Words of wisdom:


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