Connecting with my Wild Woman

Wild woman

My wild woman had been calling for years.

Occasionally, I let her out to dance with abandon, but mostly those times were fuelled by substances that altered my control.  In the main, I kept her bottled up by ignoring the calls to integrate her into my life. I left her buried in the depths, in chains.

But why?

Because, quite frankly, she was an embarrassment, and not what you would call ‘respectable’.

  • She is animal,
  • She is covered in dirt.
  • She grunts.
  • She has no need to be beautiful.
  • She dances freely to her own rhythm.
  • She is not concerned about pandering to the emotional needs of others
  • She tells it like it is.
  • She is aroused.
  • She is freely flirtatious, and flirts with life.

I denied her existence as much as I could, but the calls got louder and louder. By locking her away, I was locking myself away.  I felt incomplete. Her captivity caused me tension and sapped my energy. By denying her, I was not fully embracing myself. I had to accept that she is part of me. So, one day I faced my fears and set her free.

At first, it was a little strange, but soon I felt high. Ooh yeh! My wild woman; she danced around fires, went skinny dipping in the ocean, and set my spirit free. I felt liberated. Her freedom let me flow.

There is such freedom at not needing to be nice or pretty just to feel okay about myself.

There was more than just freedom, though. With my acceptance of her, came creative power, wholeness, and the energy that had been held in chains by my own self -disgust.

Wild woman

Connecting with my wild woman

Now, I know I need her in my life. I trust her, and I trust my spirit.  She is like Baba Yaga in the Goddess Oracle tarot. She nurtures wholeness by getting me in touch with the natural, primal, instinctual. She is part of me and I need every part of myself for the dance of wholeness.

But, I also know that she is not all of me. Within me there are also super responsible women like the goddess Maeve. There are Isis (mothering), Hestia (hearth and home), Tara (centring), Pachamama (healing) and many more. They are all part of me. But Babayaga is the one I deemed unworthy, and the one I had to set free.

I know that allowing my wholeness, allowing all of me is the most natural and healing state to be in. I’m so glad I set her free.

What about you? Do you feel complete? Have you accepted every part of your being?

If you feel ready to embrace your wholeness, you may like to come along to the next Self-love meditation course. We step gently towards self-acceptance, recognising our own light, and in the final class we even explore our wild women!

For those of you who are not in Brisbane. My online self-love meditation course is coming soon.

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