5 ways to call in support

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Do you have adequate support?


I am guessing that the answer may well be no.
Life is moving at such a rapid rate these days, we are busy beyond compare and often need to keep numerous balls in the air for long periods of time. It can be overwhelming to say the least. Yet on top of all that, women, in particular, are doing it all on their own. We need support.

Yet we are not calling in our support.

When we are not supported, we are not able to offer our optimal self to the world.

Support, like any other energy exchange, has a yin and a yang. As women, we are naturally very yang in our supportive nature: nurture, giving, holding the family together, but we are not always so good at receiving. (I know what your head is trying to tell you right now: “But there is nothing to receive”. I disagree).

Let me show you 5 ways you can invite support in, so that you can function more optimally and offer yourself, your family, your tribe and the world your best, most beautiful self.

5 ways to call in support


1. Call on the universe

This is such a simple practice. All you need to do is put a call out to the universe. You might call on your guides, your angels, your passed on loved ones, your ancestors, mother Earth or the energy matrix of the universe itself – whatever works for you. Ask for guidance, ask for help with a specific feeling or problem, ask for the next step, ask for whatever you need, and then hand it over.

This practice is incredibly powerful in that it focusses energy, creating a ripple effect in the quantum field shifting the energetics of your issue, but also it relieves you of carrying the load alone.
The more you nurture this relationship between you and the Universe, the more you learn to lean in and trust, feeling the support in a more long-term way in your life.

What does your universal support look/ feel like?
What is the best form of communication to contact them? What can you offload?

2. Call on your soul

Aside from having the Universe on your team, have your main and most devoted supporter. Your soul. This is the part of you that loves you more than anything. The part who wants the very best and most fulfilled life for you. Sometimes she gets lost behind the fear and doubt, but she is always there at the ready to guide you back to love.
Call on your soul, start a conversation, invest in your relationship and she will be all the inner support you will ever desire or need.

What is your soul wanting for you right now?
What support do you need from her?

3. Find your Crew

Recently I felt a bit twitchy about the amount of practical support I was able to call on in my life, so I decided to look around for the right people to give me what I needed. In one week alone, I employed an energy healer, a business coach and signed up for a 6 month mastermind. Just knowing that I now have this support, makes me feel that big things are possible. I have the scaffolding in place, on the ground, in order to go for my dreams and shift the resistance that stands in my way.

What support crew would make you feel ready to go for your dreams?
How can you go about bringing them in?

4. Say YES

Sometimes we don’t feel supported, yet at the same time, we say no to the support that is offered to us. We get stuck in our heads about why we just can’t take up kind offers. Well, my advice is to get over the story that is keeping you small, and say YES.

It might be an offer for someone to look after your kids, it might be that they want to do a swap for skills, or help you out in some way. Trust that this is all part of a flow of energy, and that you will let it flow outwards and offer it back to them or someone else in time.

What can you say yes to this week?


5. Support yourself

It is all very well looking around for support, but if we are not supporting ourselves, no amount of support out there in the world, will ever satisfy us.

Support yourself by:

Looking after your well being
Tuning in to your heart / soul on a daily basis
Having boundaries + saying NO to things that don’t feel right
Trusting what feels good
Making space for your visions and dreams +
Taking the little steps to creating them.

In what way do you need your own support?



I hope this helps.

Perhaps it serves as a reminder not to expect yourself to be some kind of super human. The most successful people in the world, have the greatest support. Why should you be any different? When we are putting ourselves out there in the world as brave creative souls, it is vital that we provide adequate structure. Shifting the way it feels is what changes everything.

How can you shift into feeling more supported today?
Which of the above 5 areas do you most feel support is needed?

I would love to hear from you.

Leave a message in the comments. Let me know how you are supporting yourself.


Maybe I can support you.

If you feel like you need a bit of guidance in getting started with your support foundations, then perhaps I could be one of your crew. A cheerleader for your soul. A good way to start and see if this would suit you, is to book a free 30 minute Skype call. We can have a chat and see if we gel.

In order to fully support myself and my dreams, I am now seeing clients on 2 dedicated days; Thursdays and Fridays. This means that you may have to book in earlier than before to get the spot that suits you. I hope it does not inconvenience you too much, but my soul requires clear boundaries between creative time and client time. It is a small tweak, a small inconvenience but a great big creative gift. Thank you for your understanding.


Take care

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