What do my past clients think?
Tess Martin
kimberley, relationship coach for women
Leanne, relationship coach
Kim Deans
Kristen Bland
Sarah Greasley
Relationship coach Emily Sasser
marianne, relationship coach
relationship coaching for women

Since working with Nicole, I have taken responsibility for my happiness and well-being. I left my toxic relationship and became healthier: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Anika Lister

Nicole helped shift my views around men and relationships, some of these shaping my psyche all the way back from childhood. She was able to help me forge a new way of thinking about relationships and self-love that has changed my life in amazing ways. I am forever grateful for Nicole's guidance and support.

Tess Martin
Life coach

After our session I went home a different woman - the wholesome, relaxed, present woman I've been yearning to unearth again. Everything slowed down. There was so much space and presence and love.

Kimberley Kevan
Occupational Therapist
Since working with Nicole my relationship with my husband is deepening and we are a lot closer. I feel that I also have a better relationship with my children too, because I have a better relationship with myself.

Leanne Stockwell

Working with Nicole has helped me to break through some major self limitations which I feel will help me take my life to a whole new level. I feel more comfortable expressing my true self.

Kim Deans
Bio-dynamic farmer

Nicole stands by you every step of the way, willing you and holding you through the tough stuff.  I've always thought even at my most vulnerable, "She wants this for me, she has my back.

Kristen Bland

Nicole creates and holds a safe space where you are free to explore all parts of yourself without fear or judgement.

Alana Helbig
Podcast mentor

After four sessions with Nicole, the transformation in myself and my life has been nothing short of amazing.

Sarah Greasley
Occupational therapist

Nicole brings such grace and calm to her sessions and immediately offers hope for creating change. Her work is intuitive and inspiring.

Anna Waddington

Nicole puts her heart and soul into not only her work, but her whole life.. I can't recommend her more highly.

Jane Hunter
Content Manager

I worked with Nicole to address deep seeded anxiety that I have struggled with on and off for years. She supported and guided me to face issues that were overpowering my life. Our work produced real change. Two years later I am still using the tools that we identified and created together.

Emily Sasser

If you are looking for a thoughtful and safe space to explore emotional blockages....I cant recommend Nicole highly enough. Nicole beautifully weaves  her intuition and deep thoughtful questioning to create effortless transformation.

Chantal Roelofs
Doterra leader

What was invaluable in working with Nicole was being able to feel safe enough to open up and allow the inner voice to speak. This meant that I could get to the heart of what was really going on.

Sirgun Lindsay-German
Yoga teacher

Nicole has a warm, positive and nurturing approach. Working with her has really helped me move on from things that were holding me back and enabled me to achieve a more balanced and peaceful life.

Vanessa Levis

Nicole is very professional in the manner that she addresses clients, she makes them feel very comfortable and accepted. She is non judging but is warm and caring. I love everything about the support that I am provided with during my sessions.

Marianne Buchanen
Drama teacher

Nicole truly accepts and understands a person and works with you so that that real change and growth can occur.

Jess Poor
Yoga teacher

“Remember that true growth is always marked by increased openness and ability to love.” David Deida

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