What we really want from our men

Iain and Nic

Dear men / partners,   {psst, this is a complete and utter generalisation and will not apply to all men or women. it may apply to your partner in any shape or form but whatever the form, in my experience is still relevant} There are a few things that we women would love you to…

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What is your favourite excuse?

What is your favourite excuse for holding yourself back from relaxing in to contentment and joy? Letting ourselves slip in to joy means opening ourselves up and allowing what is. This is not a modus operandi that we are comfortable in. We are much better at making stuff happen, being the action, doing the work…

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My Sensual Journey

sensual journey

As women we are on a journey as sensual beings. But sometimes we stop feeling. Do you sometimes feel numb? Is your life lacking spark? I know, I was there. Of course I had my ups and downs but I spent a good part of a lifetime feeling uncomfortable with my sensuality. Unconsciously holding back…

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