How can I convince you that you’re beautiful?

kinesiology Brisbane

This letter is to you Hello lovely one, You don’t know you are beautiful……………………………..And I can’t quite believe it. You look it, you radiate it, you act it. But you don’t feel it. And beauty is a feeling. For too long you have been afraid of thinking that this packaging for this soul, in this…

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Recovering from sexual pain

Recovering from sexual pain – flirting with the big bad wolf   I lost my virginity, barely conscious, but with the strong memory of yelling No! and trying to shove a man off me. I was 19. It was the year after high school. I was lonely. I did really want to lose my cherry,…

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Sex, Culture & Shakti Power

Good old Queen Victoria. Has she got your sex life by the balls? I love Sydney’s QVB. I love Victorianate architecture. I love Pride and Prejudice. I love fancy English tea sets & high teas & table manners. But you know, as humans we can be all a bit too civilised. Especially when it comes…

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