From Eughh to empowered

Kinesiology Brisbane

From Eughhh to Empowered Just a few short years ago I was flat, tired and had no desire Eughhh Do you know this feeling? You might be stuck there or maybe you have just visited this space form time to time. I have found that when you are not tapped into your sensual energy, you…

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Your EGO doesn’t like sensual

Sensuality is feeling good inside.   Sensual practise is nourishing your life force – it is putting your attention and your energy on nourishing your inner world. This means allowing your pleasure. It also means honouring and prioritising you above duty, should and people pleasing. A practice that over time results in you radiating joy.…

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Why passion matters


Passion Does it matter? What is it? Why do I need to feel it? Passion is a good feeling. It makes us feel alive. It is a fire in the belly that can show us whether this is something we love and need to go towards or if this is a cause that needs us…

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