My Sensual Journey

sensual journey

As women we are on a journey as sensual beings. But sometimes we stop feeling. Do you sometimes feel numb? Is your life lacking spark? I know, I was there. Of course I had my ups and downs but I spent a good part of a lifetime feeling uncomfortable with my sensuality. Unconsciously holding back…

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How to love that problem body part

My body part

Pretty much everyone I know has a part of their body that they’d like to change. They just can’t quite seem to fully accept. For some of us it is our shape, for others it’s the dark hairs, the skin, the lump, the scar, the list goes on. This part of our body seems to…

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Love you. Love your loves

Love you.

Love that you are unique   You are different. I mean let’s face it. You always have been. At times it has been really hard to conform. Your neighbours do things quite differently to the way you do them. You have different beliefs to others in your family. You uphold things that are aligned with…

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Moving from lacking to loving

How we perceive we believe

My family and I recently had a holiday. Boy, did we need one? We were getting really crusty and worn out. It has been a year of hard work and busyness and my husband had not taken any time off work for a year, which is nudging at burn out and verging on craziness. On…

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Mother Overwhelm

Mothers are amazing. Our job is the most rewarding, satisfying and meaningful job you could ever ask for. There are so many rewards and joyous moments as we watch our little ones grow and develop. But sometimes it doesn’t seem so great. Recently I was in the playground and I got chatting to a mother…

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