What is your favourite excuse?

What is your favourite excuse for holding yourself back from relaxing in to contentment and joy? Letting ourselves slip in to joy means opening ourselves up and allowing what is. This is not a modus operandi that we are comfortable in. We are much better at making stuff happen, being the action, doing the work…

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Self-love tips part four: Love that you are unique

Part Four of my self-love tips: Love that you are unique.   Spend today treating yourself like your best friend on her birthday. Love that she is unique   She is not the same as everyone else. She sees things differently. Her desires are just so unexpected. She views situations in ways that you would…

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Connecting with my Wild Woman

Wild woman

My wild woman had been calling for years. Occasionally, I let her out to dance with abandon, but mostly those times were fuelled by substances that altered my control.  In the main, I kept her bottled up by ignoring the calls to integrate her into my life. I left her buried in the depths, in…

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