How can I improve my relationship without changing my partner?

Is it possible to improve your relationship without changing your partner? Absolutely. Let’s face it, unless you are changing relationships as often as you change underwear, there are going to be moments when everything in your relationships feels stuck. Stuck because of him. (For ease, I am speaking as though to a heterosexual woman, but…

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ep17 – Intimacy triggers us with Nicole Mathieson

{Unbreakable: Episode 17} Nicole Mathieson Intimacy triggers us Today’s episode of Unbreakable is a little different. I felt the need to talk about the shift in direction for Unbreakable – towards exploring love, intimacy and relationships. To do this, I have invited back my podcast interviewing expert friend, Alana Helbig from Untangled. We talk about…

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Our culture lets us down

Our culture encourages marriage, but where do we turn if we have problems? In my marriage, there have been moments when I have felt so alone. ……..So sure that nobody else shared my problems. I didn’t know who to turn to. I didn’t know that turning to someone would really be an option. And then…

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Passion or a chocolate brownie. What a choice!


This chocolate brownie may look like an innocent afternoon snack to you. Well it is…..and it isn’t. This little brownie or one of its kin tempted me on Sunday afternoon. I ate it. I don’t usually eat much sugar these days. So little that I have been desensitised to it. My system is just not ready for…

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Intimacy & stillness freak me out

intimacy kineisology Brisbane

To be comfortable in intimacy is to appreciate myself. When I was younger intimacy scared the Be-geezers out of me. I was the classic Leo; an extrovert with a self-interested ego. It was all about having fun & fitting in with the crowd. But when the lights came on and the crowds parted and I was left…

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What we really want from our men

Iain and Nic

Dear men / partners,   {psst, this is a complete and utter generalisation and will not apply to all men or women. it may apply to your partner in any shape or form but whatever the form, in my experience is still relevant} There are a few things that we women would love you to…

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Recovering from sexual pain

Recovering from sexual pain – flirting with the big bad wolf   I lost my virginity, barely conscious, but with the strong memory of yelling No! and trying to shove a man off me. I was 19. It was the year after high school. I was lonely. I did really want to lose my cherry,…

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Where do you get your relationship power?


Your relationship power lies in your magnetic capacity as a whole and sensual being. We all know the magnetic powers of attraction in fresh new love affairs. The yin and the yang, the feminine and masculine. The dynamic between you and your lover is an energetic force field that at times could power a small…

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