Passion or a chocolate brownie. What a choice!


This chocolate brownie may look like an innocent afternoon snack to you. Well it is…..and it isn’t. This little brownie or one of its kin tempted me on Sunday afternoon. I ate it. I don’t usually eat much sugar these days. So little that I have been desensitised to it. My system is just not ready for…

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What we really want from our men

Iain and Nic

Dear men / partners,   {psst, this is a complete and utter generalisation and will not apply to all men or women. it may apply to your partner in any shape or form but whatever the form, in my experience is still relevant} There are a few things that we women would love you to…

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Why passion matters


Passion Does it matter? What is it? Why do I need to feel it? Passion is a good feeling. It makes us feel alive. It is a fire in the belly that can show us whether this is something we love and need to go towards or if this is a cause that needs us…

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Self-love tips part two: Go towards what you love

Part Two of my self-love tips.  ; Spend today treating yourself like your best friend on her birthday. Go towards what you love   If it was your best friend’s birthday and you were treating her to some special time, you would really put some thought into what she is just crazy about. Then you…

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