What your soul wants (more than anything)

  What would your soul say if you asked her what she wanted? (if you are uncomfortable about using the word soul – just think about the part of you that wants you to be unashamedly & vibrantly you) Would she care about that thing that is stressing you out right now? Would she want…

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The Jade EGG – a woman’s best friend

The Jade Egg is renowned for its ability to stimulate sexual energy, increase vaginal sensitivity, and strengthen and improve pelvic floor. What is it? It is a smooth egg shaped jade crystal (with a tiny hole for string) that you insert into your vagina and leave in while you sleep, move or create. Personally, I…

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Pray with your heart

intimacy kineisology Brisbane

Pray with your heart     Prayer is powerful.   It is a beautiful way to connect right on in with the higher self, with your desires and with that presence or energy matrix that underlies all of creation – call it God, the attractor field, the matrix or the unified field.   But it…

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