What to do with a (too) noisy head

  What to do with a (too) noisy head.   We all know that meditation is jam packed with goodness for us all, so why are we not all doing it more? Well, a lot of the people I speak to find it really difficult to quiet their noisy head. There is nothing like an…

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All is well right now

All is well   No matter how you are feeling right now, I want you to know, that all is well. Your head voice might be a bit aggrevated by my presumptious suggestion here, as clearly I do not know all the stresses and strains that are leading to you feeling this way, but that…

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Heart feeling – heart healing

Nicole Mathieson kinesiology

When you can trust your heart to feel – You are free.   Your heart is an incredible {lady} organ. She effortlessly finds her own rhythm to bring life force and love to every one of your 3 trillion cells without you even thinking about it – for your whole life. She emits an electro…

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