Self-love tips part four: Love that you are unique

Treat yourself like your own best friend - love you are unique

Part Four of my self-love tips: Love that you are unique.

Spend today treating yourself like your best friend on her birthday.

Love that she is unique

Love you.

She is not the same as everyone else. She sees things differently. Her desires are just so unexpected. She views situations in ways that you would never had thought of. This is what makes her such compelling company and makes her an integral fibre in your world. It is what you savour on her birthday – these are the sentiments you express when you write her a love note in her birthday card.

And it is time for you to truly value where you are unique.

Give yourself a break on the areas where you feel like you don’t keep up with expectations. So what if your house is not always clean? If you struggle to arrive on time or if you have 2 left feet? So what if you don’t have a barbie doll figure? It would be so dull if everyone was good at everything.

You offer you. There is great value in the way that you are. Feel yourself surrendering to the being that you are. Breathe deeply and as you breathe out – shake it up and let it go.

Notice the things that you do differently to others and honour it with a little grin. Take pleasure in staying true to what feels right for you, even if your comrades don’t understand it.

Cherishing your uniqueness is a bold step towards fully appreciating who you are. It is opening your heart to yourself. It is allowing your spirit to flow.

  • Write a list, or draw and label a stick figure, pointing out all your unique and different qualities – from that birth mark to being a huge Garth Brooks fan. (Your kids will love this exercise too).
  • Repeat “I am worthy”.
  • Next time you are asked how you feel about something, do not answer using your subconscious programming. Feel into your heart, breathe, make your answer conscious – a true reflection of your unique spirit.

If this is really difficult it shows you exactly where there is room to grow. I am here to support you in this expansion. Book your free Skype call to have a chat about where you are stuck.

Life is precious. Let your light shine.

Be gentle and loving. Nurture your needs. Listen to the yearnings of your soul.

Open your heart to all that you are.

Lots of love


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