Love you. Love your loves

Love you.
Love that you are unique

You are different. I mean let’s face it. You always have been. At times it has been really hard to conform. Your neighbours do things quite differently to the way you do them. You have different beliefs to others in your family. You uphold things that are aligned with your spirit in a way that not many do. You like your hair a certain way – Yes you do!!  You may not stand out, you may not be upheld as a beacon of style, you may be average at just about everything you do. But you are great!

Learn to love yourself as you are. Own the fullness of who you are and feel the freedom in being you. ALL of YOU! Is there anything more attractive and magnetic than seeing a person really owning their fullness. Phwoaw!

Feeling love and appreciation for a thing or an experience is the experience of being vibrationally aligned to your soul. Following your love, keeps you in the vicinity of the light of who you are and the more you return, the more your life will flow with effortless ease.


  • Self love
  • Feel comfortable in your own skin
  • Self worth
  • Radiate your own unique style and inner beauty
  • Reduse stress
  • Find your light and let it flow
  • Know and radiate your own attractive force

Small steps; Everyday

Love that you are unique. Love your tastes.  Love your loves, your opinions, and your style. Explore them, relish and indulge in them. Discover yourself as you explore what makes you YOU. Honour yourself by standing in the fire of your love for U2 (actually that one is mine – you get your own!)

Revel in what you love, dance to it, smother yourself in it, indulge and savour. Feel the part of you that lights up when you are guided by your passion and desire. Allow yourself this pleasure. If this is difficult for you then get help. Kinesiology and life coaching are just the thing.

Love you


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