Shift your relationship in brief


Shift your relationship

5 day challenge

The challenge that guides you to

-get unstuck
-up-level your dynamics
-revive your faith in your partnership
-come back to the woman you want to be in your relationship


This page is where you can find the links for video, audio, worksheets and guided meditation….all in the one place.

Plus this nifty shift your relationship in a nutshell PDF. Click here to download your copy.


Dive back in

Take your time and hang out with the sessions that you need.

Day one – the energetics

You are energetic beings and your combined energy creates a couple frequency. You can make the frequency feel good.

Day one Video

Day one audio


Day two – resistance

You have the power, yet you get stuck. There is a deeper fear here. When you address the fear, you can move past resistance.

Day two video

Day two audio


Day three – nourish you

We make things worse ruminating on the story of woe. Our energy is best used comforting ourselves in our discomfort.

Day three video

Day three audio


Day four – the spiral

Life and love do not move in straight lines. Relationships thrive when we embrace the challenges, the learning and the opportunities for growth

Day four video

Day four audio


Day five – 2 feet in

Commitment has an energy about it that allows you to soften and open. Commit to the expansion in this moment.

Day five video

Day five audio


So there you have it.

How do you feel after the shift? Do you feel more hope?

Thank you so much for joining me.

Making the shift can feel a bit overwhelming on your own. If you feel like you need a bit more guidance and personal help with this book a free 30 minute Skype call to see if working with me one-on-one feels like a fit for you.

take care



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