ep19: Attracting a more loving love with Marianne Buchanan

Nicole Mathieson, Unbreakable podcast, Relationship coach
{Unbreakable: Episode 19}
Marianne Buchanan


Attracting a more loving love

My guest this week is my friend and client Marianne Buchanan. Over the past 3 years. I have watched Marianne move from attracting relationships that were manipulative and at times violent to a mutual attraction that is beautiful and nurturing. Her relationship attractor field has up-levelled so efficiently and effectively that I couldn’t wait to pick her brains and find out how she did it, and so gracefully.

We talk about:
+ Moving from a religious, traditional marriage – to dating women
+ Healing the relationship with her mother
+ Relationship red flags – what to look for
+ The unspoken and unexpected occurrence of violence in lesbian relationships
+ Marianne’s huge losses of 2016 and how her grief now inspires her and helps her put relationships in perspective
+ The unending benefits of caring for self

Listen in to: Attracting a more loving love:



Resources mentioned:

NEIS program


More about Marianne:

Along with being a Rockstar Solo Mumma Warrior, Marianne has a passion for drawing, painting, singing, performing, scriptwriting, teaching and supporting people young and old to feel confident and empowered in their creative pursuits. After losing two family members to tragic circumstances in 2016 Marianne is committed to supporting resilience and hope and giving people the skills and opportunities to rise above adversities.

She is a primary school teacher along with being the producer and director of theatre consulting company Starlet Creative Industries. From 2000 to 2001 she toured Australia and New Zealand with a traveling drama organisation and developed skills and experience in singing, performing, directing and facilitating drama workshops. Since that time Marianne has studied scriptwriting through Griffith University and performed, written, directed and produced shows in Maitland, Darwin, Cairns and Brisbane.
She has a graduate diploma in teaching and a BA in Sociology along with training in counselling and as such brings to Starlet Creative Industries a holistic approach to supporting people and their drama projects.


Where to find her:

Website: starletcreativeindustries.com
Facebook: facebook.com/starletcreativeindustries/
email: Director@starletcreativeindustries.com

Words of wisdom:


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