How to stop being a bitch

How to stop being a bitch to the one you love is an online workshop to help you create the loving, safe and connected relationship you want.

I grew up thinking I was nice. Nice was who I was and how I navigated the world. I thought it was easy to be nice...... that was, until I found myself in a long term relationship with my husband. Then, this horrible, mean part of me appeared.

Why was it so hard for me to be nice to him, the one I loved?
Why was I so angry?
Why was it easier for me to be nice to a complete stranger?

These were questions that bugged me and confused me. I mean.... Wasn't this supposed to be the happier, ever after?

Was I doing it wrong? Was I the only one with this problem?

The answer is no. Our partners trigger us. The bitch that shows up is completely normal, but that doesn't mean that you want her to stay. Let's get curious about what is going on and allow this to be an invitation to get better at relating to our loved ones.

Your investment: $30 Aus
We will cover:
  • The 3 steps to stop being a bitch
  • The deeper reasons we are bitches and the 3 main themes
  • The myths about relationships that are holding us back
  • Your bitch archetype and how to turn it into your superpower
  • Why getting clear on your deeper values is so important
  • What you are willing to do to have the relationship you want
  • The 3 antidotes to being a bitch - action steps to move beyond this


It is for you if;
  • you don't want to lose a good relationship because of your behaviour
  • want to feel a better, deeper connection with your partner
  • you want to learn some skills to communicate better
  • you have arguments and fights that leave you feeling guilty and horrible
  • you avoid or are afraid of conflict
  • there are communication issues that you can't seem to get past
You will recieve a recording of this workshop.
$30 Aus

" I absolutely loved Nicole's webinar/workshop on How to Stop Being a Bitch to the One I Love! It was so easy to listen to and follow, I had lots of "aha" moments along the way. I had great insights and gained some really good tools that will help me in my relationship. Recognising what triggers us is SO important, and empowering too. Thank you Nicole! xx"    Leanne

“Thanks Nicole, that was amazing. It definitely raised my awareness to certain things that I do. I would love to attend your next workshops as well."      Sara

"You are so wise, centred and speak with such authority and clarity. You are amazing, thank you for this"      Che

“Remember that true growth is always marked by increased openness and ability to love.” David Deida

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