Feel more attraction and desire

Feel more attraction and desire is....
A one-on-one coaching session with Nicole

Duration: 60 minutes

Feeling lacklustre or numb about your partner does not feel great for either you or them. Worse still it can make you feel stuck or despondent about the long-term prognosis of your relationship.
If this is you, do not despair, there are things you can do from your end to shift focus, change-up the vibe and feel a whole lot more desire.

This is for you if;

All or some of the following are true

  • you want to feel a better, deeper connection with your partner
  • you are feeling numb and disconnected
  • you have lost your libido
  • you can't feel the love, desire or attraction for your partner


The session will help you;
  • get clear on what is and what isn't working in your relationship
  • feel more empowered, sensual, alive and "in" your body
  • heal any issues in the realm of intimacy (shame, trauma, blocks)
  • get clear on ways to reignite attraction and desire
  • set up action steps and a clear plan for the future

Your investment $150 Aus

During your session we can discuss whether you need more coaching sessions and set them up accordingly.

Got questions?

Check out my FAQs and work philosophy here. Or send me an email with your questions hi@nicolemathieson.com

After our session I went home a different woman - the wholesome, relaxed, present woman I've been yearning to unearth again. Everything slowed down. There was so much space and presence and love.

Kimberley Kevan
Occupational Therapist

“Remember that true growth is always marked by increased openness and ability to love.” David Deida

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