Am I a spiritual failure?

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Have you been on a spiritual journey for a while?

Many of us have. And often after years of self-help books, healing sessions and meditation, we can still feel as if we are at the bottom of a very large mountain. It’s a humbling journey in that way. But I have found that we can be looking for the wrong signals that we are getting there.

I am currently sitting here in Brittany in France, looking out over the sea on a foggy morning, and after 5 weeks of absolute holiday, I am turning towards my work again. It feels good to be back.

I think, for me, having a complete break from work, from the world of healing, and even my own spiritual practice has been its own journey. The distance has given me clarity about where I have been putting my energy and which beliefs I have been holding on to that no longer serve me. There are days as I travel, as I parent, as I eat at the patiserries, when I am so distanced from a spiritual path, that I feel I am not on one at all. But then I return to my inner space and my heart, and there she is, my higher self, always ready to guide me.

Just before I left Brisbane, one of my clients, Hannah, felt lost on her spiritual path. *NB: Hannah is not her real name and permission was sought to share her story. She came in feeling like a failure. She had a belief  that she must suck at spirituality because her life was, despite her hard work and best intentions, still chaotic.

She asked, “Isn’t my life supposed to be perfect when I am healed?

Am I a spiritual failure?”

Such an honest and profound question. And such a big pivotal moment in Hannah’s healing when we unravelled her stuckness behind this belief.

This belief really did have Hannah stuck. Despite making huge shifts over a couple of months  and really accessing her higher self in clinic, when she returned to her everyday life, “crap” would happen and it would bring her crashing back down to what seemed like square one.

Listen in as I take you through the nuts and bolts of the healing session.

As I describe how together Hannah and I:

-challenge her belief that life would be perfect when she was “evolved”

-shift her perspective on the “crap” and help her see it as an opportunity for self care

-set up pathways to deal with new challenges in more loving ways in the future

-seek to find peace “within”, rather than “out there”

When Hannah shifted this worn out belief from her being, she felt so much freer and more able to really grab life by its horns. Everything made more sense. She felt her own power as a human in this journey called life.

Hannah is not alone. This is such a common misconception. There is a fundamental misunderstanding here about the role of healer, about the healing journey, about life, suffering and where joy comes from. Getting this – like really getting it – is the essence of empowerment and is freedom from the drama of suffering.

Listen to the audio.

What about you?

Have you ever had this sense of failure holding you back? Do you sometimes feel like you are getting nowhere on your spiritual path? How have you managed to overcome this?

I would love to hear from you in the comments.

I really love answering your questions. If you have any questions about how to get intimate with yourself or your partner – please send them through to me at hinicolemathieson (@) or leave them in the comments below. I really look forward to them. 🙂

Take care lovely one,

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