Why am I such a bitch to my husband?

Why am I such a bitch to the one I love?

You thought you were the only one who was a bitch to their husband? Sadly, or perhaps reassuringly, that is not the case. You are in good company. Being a bitch to the ones we love is common amongst us women. Read on or listen to the post below. It is strange isn’t it, that…

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What are you ready to believe about yourself?

What are you ready to believe?

A new year. Fresh energy. A potent time to get your powers of manifestation working for you and to switch into some more uplifting belief systems. Your powers of manifestations are a direct response to what you believe about yourself. So let’s put it out there and start to seed a shift in the realm…

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Passion or a chocolate brownie. What a choice!


This chocolate brownie may look like an innocent afternoon snack to you. Well it is…..and it isn’t. This little brownie or one of its kin tempted me on Sunday afternoon. I ate it. I don’t usually eat much sugar these days. So little that I have been desensitised to it. My system is just not ready for…

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Intimacy & stillness freak me out

intimacy kineisology Brisbane

To be comfortable in intimacy is to appreciate myself. When I was younger intimacy scared the Be-geezers out of me. I was the classic Leo; an extrovert with a self-interested ego. It was all about having fun & fitting in with the crowd. But when the lights came on and the crowds parted and I was left…

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Can you let love in?

Let love in

Love takes a great deal of courage. When I was a very young adult, I thought all I wanted was love and acceptance. And I searched for it in nightclubs. Inside I felt unsure of myself {to put it mildly}. Unattractive Unloveable I wanted to fit in. And I looked to the world outside myself to…

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Your EGO doesn’t like sensual

Sensuality is feeling good inside.   Sensual practise is nourishing your life force – it is putting your attention and your energy on nourishing your inner world. This means allowing your pleasure. It also means honouring and prioritising you above duty, should and people pleasing. A practice that over time results in you radiating joy.…

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Recovering from sexual pain

Recovering from sexual pain – flirting with the big bad wolf   I lost my virginity, barely conscious, but with the strong memory of yelling No! and trying to shove a man off me. I was 19. It was the year after high school. I was lonely. I did really want to lose my cherry,…

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Sensuality fundamentals

Sensuality is a way to live that is in touch with how it feels to be alive in your body.   Feeling sensual enhances the experience of life and opens you to pleasure. There are a few fundamental understandings that are needed to really activate and expand it’s magic in your life. So here are…

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Sex, Culture & Shakti Power

Good old Queen Victoria. Has she got your sex life by the balls? I love Sydney’s QVB. I love Victorianate architecture. I love Pride and Prejudice. I love fancy English tea sets & high teas & table manners. But you know, as humans we can be all a bit too civilised. Especially when it comes…

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Permission to feel sensual

Sensual Soul workshop

Do you feel sensual? How is it to feel sensations? And the emotional states that come from those sensations in your body? Sometimes we are closed off to feeling. We don’t want to feel pain so we don’t feel anything. As such, we shut down our sensuality. Sensuality is how it feels to be present…

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