What to do with a (too) noisy head

  What to do with a (too) noisy head.   We all know that meditation is jam packed with goodness for us all, so why are we not all doing it more? Well, a lot of the people I speak to find it really difficult to quiet their noisy head. There is nothing like an…

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Don’t be afraid of your fear

  You have fear. Worry. Angst. I know. I have it too. And you know what, that’s life. You are not going to get rid of it. You are human. And humans are hard wired to feel fear. Fear kept your ancestors alive and we have evolved into highly tuned fearful beings. As Elizabeth Gilbert says…

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5 big blocks to Pleasure

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  Let me share with you what I have discovered are the 5 Big Blocks to pleasure.     So in a nutshell, The 5 Big Blocks to pleasure are:   1. Guilt We beleive there is not enough pleasure to go around.   2. Not feeling worthy We don’t give it to ourselves until…

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