The Beauty rules are different for women and here’s why

The Beauty Load

In 2015, Karl Stefanovic, a morning TV presenter on the Today Show in Australia, did an interesting experiment to see if there was any bias between the expectations on him and his female co-host. For a full year, Stefanovic wore the same blue suit and not a single audience member noticed. Meanwhile, his co-host Lisa…

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Insecurity – how can we get beyond it?

Let’s talk about insecurity.     Do you ever feel insecure? Do you feel lost, confused or unsure of your value in the world? You might see everyone else acing it and kicking big goals, and wonder what you are doing and why you are doing it. This can be particularly true if you go…

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Do you feel like damaged goods?

Do you feel like damaged goods because you have a painful history? I have so many clients who think of themselves as ruined or damaged. They can’t imagine that this darkness could be anything other than shameful, something to hide, or to have to admit only when you know someone well enough not to scare…

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