5 big blocks to Pleasure

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  Let me share with you what I have discovered are the 5 Big Blocks to pleasure.     So in a nutshell, The 5 Big Blocks to pleasure are:   1. Guilt We beleive there is not enough pleasure to go around.   2. Not feeling worthy We don’t give it to ourselves until…

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Energy refuel

We are, as women, naturally aware of others. We nurture, we give and we care. This is how we are. And it is really kind of beautiful. This natural disposition of ours works really well most of the time. But what I see as I help women recover their lust for life, is that the…

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The Jade EGG – a woman’s best friend

The Jade Egg is renowned for its ability to stimulate sexual energy, increase vaginal sensitivity, and strengthen and improve pelvic floor. What is it? It is a smooth egg shaped jade crystal (with a tiny hole for string) that you insert into your vagina and leave in while you sleep, move or create. Personally, I…

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How to be more intimate


How do you become more intimate? Does it require you to ; -be in a relationship -have erotic sex every night -be upbeat and happy all the time -be wild, brazen and out there -intensely look into other people’s eyes No. All those things are possible, but it is not the place to start. To…

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Pray with your heart

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Pray with your heart     Prayer is powerful.   It is a beautiful way to connect right on in with the higher self, with your desires and with that presence or energy matrix that underlies all of creation – call it God, the attractor field, the matrix or the unified field.   But it…

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How I kept my cool with my man

How I kept my cool with my misbehaving, hairy man. The 2 things that dissolved my angst.   After having held one of my Sensual Soul Workshops one Saturday, I was heading home feeling light, soft, present and open – in essence sensual. I had just spent the day with a group of gorgeous courageous souls and…

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From Eughh to empowered

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From Eughhh to Empowered Just a few short years ago I was flat, tired and had no desire Eughhh Do you know this feeling? You might be stuck there or maybe you have just visited this space form time to time. I have found that when you are not tapped into your sensual energy, you…

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