From Eughh to empowered

Kinesiology Brisbane

From Eughhh to Empowered Just a few short years ago I was flat, tired and had no desire Eughhh Do you know this feeling? You might be stuck there or maybe you have just visited this space form time to time. I have found that when you are not tapped into your sensual energy, you…

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Intimacy & stillness freak me out

intimacy kineisology Brisbane

To be comfortable in intimacy is to appreciate myself. When I was younger intimacy scared the Be-geezers out of me. I was the classic Leo; an extrovert with a self-interested ego. It was all about having fun & fitting in with the crowd. But when the lights came on and the crowds parted and I was left…

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Sex, Culture & Shakti Power

Good old Queen Victoria. Has she got your sex life by the balls? I love Sydney’s QVB. I love Victorianate architecture. I love Pride and Prejudice. I love fancy English tea sets & high teas & table manners. But you know, as humans we can be all a bit too civilised. Especially when it comes…

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Anxious Kids – here are my do’s and don’ts

I have a child who gets anxious. He gets really worried about stuff and sometimes totally loses control to stress. I wonder how he became so anxious. We have provided a safe, stable and loving environment here for him – so why is he anxious? Sometimes this even feels like guilt, like it must have…

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How to have discipline that sticks

Discipline is what drives you to where you want to go. If you have a vision for you, your family, your health and your work (and I highly recommend that you have!!), does it seem that you cycle between hard core striving, and nothing at all? We hit rock bottom and our motivation kicks in…

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Want to feel alive, peaceful, sexy?

Have you set any New Year’s resolutions? This year I am setting my resolutions with a different approach. Usually we set our goals around the ideas of achieving things, what I’m doing is setting my goals on how I want to feel. This is the brain child of soul leader Danielle LaPorte, and I think…

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