Notes from my journal on France, family and travels

France, family and travels. Some notes from my journal. Random insights 1. Wonder-full   France is full to the brim of wonders – around every corner, on every hill, in each and every patisserie. It is a country that is rich with culture, treats and such mouth watering goodness. So far we have seen 4 World Heritage…

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What we really want from our men

Iain and Nic

Dear men / partners,   {psst, this is a complete and utter generalisation and will not apply to all men or women. it may apply to your partner in any shape or form but whatever the form, in my experience is still relevant} There are a few things that we women would love you to…

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Self-love tips part four: Love that you are unique

Part Four of my self-love tips: Love that you are unique.   Spend today treating yourself like your best friend on her birthday. Love that she is unique   She is not the same as everyone else. She sees things differently. Her desires are just so unexpected. She views situations in ways that you would…

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