A coping tool that makes you heart strong

There are many tools, resources and techniques that I use in my practice, but this is the tool that I get the most positive feedback about. It is also the one tool that I use every day because it is so simple yet so effective.

This tool heals your heart.
It helps you cope with uncomfortable feelings.
It soothes the pain.
It helps you ward off anxiety
& gives you a sense that you can do this.

Unbreakable – What is it?

The tool includes
A mantra – A repeatable mantra that you can use at any time specifically designed to activate your heart power
A guided meditation – An audio to train you to drop into a deep state of soothing, I am here presence
A workbook – A guided reflection for you to explore, integrate and understand your experience of coping with these feelings
The heart’s way– An introduction to the principles of the heart’s way – the 5 attitudes that activate the heart

$25 AUD ($19 US dollars)

Unbreakable works because it guides you to soothe yourself,
In a state of deep presence……
The most healing state of all.

All our lives we have been craving attention, love, support and affirmations from everyone else.
Then, when stuff gets tough and we have those moments when we need love and support the most, we are the first to abandon ourselves in a stream of self criticism, suppression of how we really feel and a focus on what others think.

This makes us feel even more alone, abandoned and helpless.

The truth is, the love, support and connection that we crave is our own.

Unbreakable is a tool to help you come back to being deeply present with yourself when you need it most.
It is a tool to not only help you heal but also to help you stay in communion with the divine within you.

This little tool could be the one thing that shifts you into courage and confidence.
This might be the one thing that makes you feel like you can cope.


Unbreakable- How will it help you?

It helps you…

  • Cope with your emotions (and learn to thrive with even the big ones)
  • Feel emotionally resilient and self-responsible
  • Heal your fear of abandonment
  • Sedate your need for control/ perfection
  • Deal with overwhelm
  • Get out of your noisy head and back into your heart
  • Deal with anxiety
  • Connect with your higher wisdom


$25 AUD ($19 US dollars)

This tool could be the one thing that helps you become empowered and self-sufficient in your healing needs. This is you, in presence with you from moment to moment. The most healing state of all.


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“At the centre of your being you have the answer, you know who you are and you know what you want. Search your heart and see the way to do is to be.” Lao Tzu

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