The shift

Shift your relationship dynamics, centre yourself in your heart and come back to the woman you want to be.

You are a big hearted woman, with so much love to give but…
this relationship thing is challenging.

You want connection, passion and momentum towards growth.

But you feel stuck?

The shift guides you to fall back in love with your partner and yourself by helping you find your power to improve your relationship.



The shift is for you if you are feeling,

– Stuck in a stale relationship funk
– Like a bitch when you know this is not you
– Guilty, resentful or bitter
– A lack of passion and/ or desire


Yet you are

-ready to take responsibility for your part in the dynamic
-ready to heal old wounds and shift old patterns
-ready to get out of your crazy head and drop into your heart
-ready to feel deeply connected and intimate in the way your heart has always yearned for


Is that a yes? Does this sound like you? Then you are in the right place.


The shift is a package designed to help you feel empowered and centred within yourself so that you step into intimacy from a place of stability. This is not prescriptive. There is no formula – this is about you, your inner circulation of love and well-being and how that flows out into your life and relationships.

What will the sessions look like?
In our time together we will explore what is relevant for your healing and growth.
We will use kinesiology, coaching, intention setting, deep visualisation and whatever else is relevant

It could be exploring;
– What is triggering you
– Where fear of abandonment is holding you back
– Where you are stuck in blame and victimhood
– How are you honoring/ dishonoring your truth
– How you can nourish your inner flow of love and well-being
– What boundaries you need to apply
– Intentionally shifting your vibration to shift your relationship

The nitty gritty

The shift includes,

One-on-one sessions
– 4 x 60 minute Skype Coaching Sessions held every 2 weeks
These are one-on-one coaching and kinesiology sessions via skype to create powerful shifts

One on one ongoing support + fortnightly catch up
– You will have me and my guidance on tap with our very own private Facebook group. We will share ideas, thoughts, video messages and moments of realisations. We will have a designated time every other week, where you and I can connect in real time and dig deep into what is going on as you take the shift into your every day life. This between session guidance is often where a lot of the transformational goodness lies.

Your investment

A one off payment of $950
2 monthly payments of $460




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Still unsure?

Email me for more information on my offerings and how I can help you.

hi (at) nicolemathieson (dot) com.



“At the centre of your being you have the answer, you know who you are and you know what you want. Search your heart and see the way to do is to be.” Lao Tzu

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