Shiftyour relationship
Shift your relationship

Without changing him

What can you do to make your relationship feel better?

The answer is LOTS.

If you have been feeling stuck, cranky, resentful or disconnected in your relationship….

Now is the time to shift it into something that feels better.

Bringing your relationship back to love starts here.

Shift your relationship will help you;

-improve your relationship dynamics
-gain awareness and take responsibility for what you can do to make it feel better
-revive your faith in your partnership
-become the woman you want to be in your relationship

What you get

1. 5 lessons with video tutorials explaining each step in depth
2. Get personal worksheets for each lesson
3. 5 guided meditations
+ a load of personal stories and insights

Tanya Suter

"I cannot thank you enough. Without your help, we would have kept going down the same path, inevitably coming to an end with a bitter divorce that would have negatively affected our sons.

You have set us on the path to repairing and rebuilding our marriage. THANK YOU!!!"

Tanya Suter

Feeling stuck in old patterns in your intimate relationship really sucks. In this 5 day challenge, I will guide you back to your power to shift the energy and the dynamics of your relationship so you can feel alive and thriving within it…..without changing him.

Just a head’s up. In “Shift your relationship” I am speaking as if to a woman in heterosexual relationship as this is what I know best. If this is not you, or you are single – that is okay, if you feel comfortable changing the pronouns, the material and guidance in this program is just as relevant to you.

This is for you if

-Your relationship is feeling flat, numb or lifeless
-You have lost your desire
-You and your partner feel disconnected
-You have got into negative patterns and spirals
-You know there is more, you want your relationship to feel alive


"I’m only up to Day 3, but wanted to thank you. I found your perspective enlightening. I have been using your tools, and feel it is helping to break this negative cycle.

Grateful to my friend who pointed me in the direction of Shift your relationship. Thanks again for doing your work."


+ Get all the goodness of the program
+ Video classes, worksheets and meditations
+ Do what you can to make it feel good


+ Shift your relationship program
+ Plus a one-one relationship coaching session with me
+ To deepen and heal

$185 (save $30)

+ Shift your relationship package
+ Plus a 2 month immersion program
+ Relationship coaching with me
+ Accountability and guidance via our private portal
+ To transform your life and love

$950 (save $65)

or 2 monthly payments of $480
Contact me for payment plan details

Donna Mortensen-Byrne

"Amazing how much Shift your relationship helped me. After being in a relationship for almost 30 years then my husband passing 12 years ago, I thought it would be simple to get back into a relationship. Wow! have I been making it hard for myself.

Thank you for reinventing me, I now can move on with a whole new outlook."

Donna Mortensen-Byrne

Refund policy
No refunds will be given for this program unless there are technical issues or a failure to deliver on a part of Nicole Mathieson. We trust that if you are attracted to the Shift your relationship program, that there is indeed some nugget of wisdom in this course for you. The content of the course will challenge your belief systems and at times you may feel resistant to the ideas or activities. This is all part of the expansion. If this happens to you, and it feels too uncomfortable to deal with alone, please reach out and we will direct you to the appropriate resources and support.

The content of The Shift your relationship program has been created from our own experience and wisdom after years of internal processing and guiding hundreds of women on their journeys. The information in this program is in no way given as advice, as we do not know your particular set of circumstances. The information, facts, and insights are offered here to be educational and informative. Nicole Mathieson takes no responsibility or liability for action or inaction taken in relation to the content in the program. We recommend seeking professional advice if you are unsure or feeling unstable.

“At the centre of your being you have the answer, you know who you are and you know what you want. Search your heart and see the way to do is to be.” Lao Tzu

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