5 non deal breakers

“Is it a deal breaker?"   5 relationship deal-breakers….. or perhaps not! A fresh perspective on 5 things we traditionally think lead to relationship breakdown At some time in our lives, just about all of us have asked ourselves the question immortalised by The Clash, “Should I stay, or should I go?” In this post Keep reading...


Improve your relationship without changing your partner

Is it possible to improve your relationship without changing your partner? Absolutely. Let's face it, unless you are changing relationships as often as you change underwear, there are going to be moments when everything in your relationships feels stuck. Stuck because of him. (For ease, I am speaking as though to a heterosexual woman, but Keep reading...


How to be more intimate


  Does it require you to ; -be in a relationship -have erotic sex every night -be upbeat and happy all the time -be wild, brazen and out there -intensely look into other people's eyes All those things are possible, but it is not the place to start. To begin on an intimate journey you Keep reading...


Why am I so mean to the one I love?

Why am I such a bitch to the one I love?

You thought you were the only one who was mean to their beloved. I'm afraid not. you are in good company. The ones we love the most, cop it the most. I mean, it makes a lot of sense on so may levels. But sometimes we get stuck there in bitch mode, festering away without Keep reading...


All I need is just a little patience

My old dog shows me on a daily basis why we need patience. When I am walking him to the front door for his morning walk, he gets ahead of me and puts his nose right up to where the door is about to open. He is so keen to go outside, that I can't Keep reading...


Soul mates are not the idyllic beings of our imaginings

Don’t let a belief in Soulmates lead you to negativity A client recently asked me if I believed in soul mates. "Yes!  I do." I replied. But not in the same way I used to. When I first got together with my husband, I believed whole heartedly that I had found my soul mate. My Keep reading...


True self-nurture and how we get it wrong

Recently I noticed myself feeling anxious. Anxiety for me is a wake-up call. It says to me that I am not connected to or standing in solidarity with my spirit. But why? I found myself asking. I show up every day, I put my hands on my heart, I tune in, I write in my Keep reading...


I’m angry because we feel disconnected

On Saturday while attending a conference in Sydney, I felt inspired to pen these words on how angry it makes us when we feel disconnected and then post them to my FB group, the Unbreakable Love Community: "You can't attack your partner into connection. It came to me that this is what we do. We Keep reading...


Kinesiology door closing to give more space to relationship coaching practice

It has been 7 years since I first set up my practice. What a ride it has been. In those 7 years, I have seen close to a thousand clients with a wide range of issues. I have witnessed many healing breakthroughs and bucket loads of tears. And more than anything, I have had my Keep reading...


Fiercely standing up for ME

Whether it be at work, with friends, strangers or in our love relationships, we have all been there. From little things that feel heavy in our hearts, all the way up to big things that are scary, manipulative and at worst violent. In hindsight, we realise that there were signs; Red flags that we turned Keep reading...


“At the centre of your being you have the answer, you know who you are and you know what you want. Search your heart and see the way to do is to be.” Lao Tzu

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